Vibration and sound measurement testing system, Ziegler

About Ziegler Instruments

ZINS Ziegler Instruments GmbH offers systems and services for squeak and rattle, annoying noises, touch haptics and for vibration and noise control. More

Acoustic product quality, Ziegler instruments

Vibration and sound

Zins business unit Vibration and sound is specialized in portable vibration and sound measuring instruments from RION and PC-based measuring systems. More

ZINS Noise elimination

Checks of functional noise in production, in-line or off-line

Functional noise is generated when components are moved by motor ...wobble, crackle, squeal, stall, rustle.... More

ZoundLab testing system

ZoundLab – Vibra acoustic sound measurement testing system

Vibra acoustic sound measurement testing system, which acquires, analyses and evaluate vibration and sound signals and is therefore ideal for monitoring machine processes. More